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Close Protection in London

If you have high profile clients, then you need to have the best personal guards at your disposal. You may be an organisation, hotel or even an individual who takes security issues seriously; we are here to help you get the best close protection in London. We have over a decade of experience handling close protection in London and have handled high profile individuals in London escorting them throughout the entire city and even beyond.

If you are wondering what close protection is all about then, you can look at the guards who are always by the side of prominent individuals. They are the main security for the individual and will always risk their lives just to ensure that the individual being guarded is escorted out of the dangerous area without any harm to his body.

We Use High Tech Equipment

Close protection teams always use sophisticated equipment so as to ensure that everything is in order and that there are no security lapses. Here at Eclipse 24Hr Security Services, we have ensured that clients can rely on us to ensure that they get quality protection from some of the finest personal protection agents available in the industry.

Proper Close Protection

Our main source of these personal protection guards is from the military. This is in a bid to ensure that clients receive only the best services in the industry. We also run security scenarios just to ensure that the personal security guards are able to walk out of any situation whenever a need arises.

Trained To Industry Standards

Our personal protection personnel team is always trained to industry standards ensuring that we run training scenarios just to ensure that we cover all angles. This is also ensures that the personal security guards are conversant with the necessary skills required to enable you reach your destination without difficulties.

You can rely on Eclipse 24Hr security Services to ensure that any threat is eliminated by getting you out of the area as soon as possible. So contact us today.

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