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Dog Handling Service in London

Dogs being man’s best friend, has come a long way to assisting in helping clear many threats that human being are facing. It may be a robbery attempt or even going for patrols, they give us a sense of security. This is why many security companies and state police have K-9 units. They have developed these units for the specific purpose of training dog handlers and matching them with certain dogs so that they can respond to any security situation.

We Train Dog Handlers

Eclipse 24Hr Security Services is not left behind, we also have a dog section where we train dog handlers and also offer dog security to clients. We have done this in a bid to ensure that our dog handlers are among the best in the country. Merely providing facilities is not enough and thus we ensure that our dog handlers are trained and partnered with their dogs for maximum effect.

Handled By Trained Guards

When it comes to dog handling services in London, then you can rely on us. We are well equipped and all the dogs going on patrol are groomed and handled by trained guards and have regular visits to the veterinary. By doing this we ensure that the dogs are healthy to undertake tasks of guarding you while you go about your daily life.

Dedication And A Mindset

Through dedication and a mindset just to ensure that clients are always happy whenever using our dog handling services, we have ensured that dogs are partnered and spend the rest of their working days with one particular partner so that they can have a wonderful relationship and also ensure that the dog handler has indepth knowledge about that particular dog. We understand that dogs have become an integral part of our security services but one dog is worth several security guards. They are perfect for certain jobs which will be very difficult for a normal human being to achieve.

So if you are looking for a dog handling service in London, Eclipse 24Hr Security Service is the best option. We have ensured that we cover every aspect on dog handling and if we deploy any of our dogs to your location be sure that it is well trained.   Contact us today and get a free quote.

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